Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Sidiki Kalabante,
My life makes sense to me finally. I always felt like I was lost in this crazy world but when I met you I never understood that love was simple just like faith is simple. You remind me everyday that attitude is everything. Your spirit lights up the darkest of places which is why your students who have no family, who carry knives because they feel threatened, who keep up walls, love you and throw you surprise birthday parties complete with balloons and pizza that they purchased themselves. You are not only my inspiration but you are an inspiration to every one of your 160 students, your family, your friends, the passerby on the street or person of need on the subway. I am blessed to be with someone who challenges me to become a better person. I love you Adam. Happy Birthday!


c. griffith said...

i love you both!
happy birthday mr. johnson!

Cerisa said...

um. seriously...I want to take a photo of myself and send it to you so you can see that I started to cry a little :) Love you guys! You're the best, Sidiki!

Larc said...

So sweet! I love you guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!